hotel rennes gare mont saint michel

Mont Saint-Michel

The Hôtel des Loges is ideally located an hour's drive from the majestic Mont-Saint-Michel, making this world heritage gem easily accessible for a memorable excursion. Mont-Saint-Michel, with its iconic silhouette emerging from the waves, is an architectural marvel and a living testimony to French medieval history.

Starting from the Loges de Chantepie, you head towards a place where the sacred and the profane have rubbed shoulders for centuries. Crossing the bay, between sky and sea, is already an adventure in itself, even before reaching the abbey perched on the rock. Once there, a visit to the abbey, with its majestic rooms and hanging gardens, is a journey through time that takes you from the Middle Ages to today.

The narrow, steep streets of the Mont, lined with old houses and small shops, offer a unique picturesque experience. Each step brings you closer to the summit, where the view of the bay is simply breathtaking.

Mont-Saint-Michel is also a spiritual experience, a place of pilgrimage that continues to attract those seeking tranquility and inspiration. The mystical atmosphere of the place is amplified by the chants of the monks and the silhouettes of pilgrims climbing the centuries-old steps.

Returning to the Loges de Chantepie at the end of the day allows you to reflect on the experience you had, while enjoying the comfort and serenity offered by our establishment. Mont-Saint-Michel is not just a stopover, but a revelation, and the Loges de Chantepie are the ideal starting point for this Breton adventure.