Hotel Rennes Gare


Hôtel des Loges is located just an hour's drive from the picturesque town of Dinan, making this medieval location easily accessible for a day getaway. Dinan is like an open history book, each stone telling tales of a distant past. Perched above the Rance, this medieval city is one of the most beautiful and best preserved in Brittany.

Strolling through the cobbled streets, you will discover perfectly preserved half-timbered houses, charming squares and historic monuments such as the Saint-Sauveur basilica and the Château de Dinan. The three-kilometre-long tour of the walls offers panoramic views of the city and the valley below, a must-see walk to capture the essence of this ancient city.

Dinan is also perfect for relaxation and indulgence. Small craft shops, traditional creperies and local markets contribute to the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the city.

The Rance, which flows peacefully at the foot of the town, offers walks along the water and the possibility of practicing various water activities. A little further, the port of Dinan, with its moored boats and its sunny terraces, is the ideal place to enjoy a meal while contemplating the serenity of the place.

Staying at Loges de Chantepie, Dinan proves to be a charming and enriching excursion, allowing you to immerse yourself in the historic heart of Brittany while enjoying the comfort and warm welcome of our establishment.